ready to solve tricky challenges? 

No matter the size of the challenge, whether it's inside or outside the business, whether it's a personal result you want in your life, we'll roll up our sleeves and help you crack it.

Through a hands on and highly collaborative process, we'll shake and stretch your thinking to design inspiring solutions that are grounded in insight and connected to your business or personal objectives. We'll design the strategic roadmap and the steps to get you from A to B.

You'll walk away with more clarity, focus and energy to start implementing solutions right away.

Coaching areas:

  • Improving decision making

  • Resolving inner conflicts

  • Changing unwanted habits and behaviors


Anika helped me get over lots of obstacles I had unknowingly placed upon myself and my business. Her coaching helped me realized so many distinctions that I wasn’t aware of consciously and that were holding me back from achieving all the things I wanted in my short term and long term future. Having built up a 500 Inc company in the past, the drive that I thought was lost, has became part of me again. I am looking forward to continuing my journey with Anika’s knowledge and expertise, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for more in their life personally or for their business
— Ricardo, NLP Master Coach
Anika Patel is a holistic powerhouse and has served as a sort of career spiritual guide for me over the past three years. Her ability to dissect a seemingly overpowering issue into actionable items is both empowering and comforting. She has helped me finally tap into my inner voice and own my strength and creativity by helping me break down the illusions I posses about myself and my abilities through guided meditation and self awareness exercises.
— Meredith, Designer

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